Legislation in the making!

Transparency in Congress ACT


H.R. 2020
Transparency in Congress Act of 2020

In the House of Representatives

Date: As soon as I am elected

Eric Harleman and the citizens of the 7th district of Missouri introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Rules Committee
Transparency in Congress Act of 2020
(Forethought is better than hindsight)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
Transparency in Congress Act

Explanation of terminology-
CLARITY: Clear verbiage in all legislation, free of confusing language (all legislation must be written so as a high school graduate without continued education can easily understand).
“And for other purposes”  must be removed from all future, present and past legislation; adjustments must be made therein.

What is the act going to do?  This act is designed to bring clarity to the American legal system. Laws should be written and enacted with a specific, clear purpose that leaves little to no room for interpretation.  

Who is going to be involved / impacted / affected by the act?  The entire United States will be affected. Every committee, branch and department of government from the federal level to the state level to municipal level. Every citizen will be affected.

How is the act going to be funded?  Normal pay for law makers, as this job is already being paid for just not yet fulfilled.

Who is  going to enforce/administer this act? (Which government agency will oversee the bill and its duties?) Legislative and Judicial Branches would oversee and execute the bill. “We the People” will enforce the act.

Penalties (if any) for non-compliance (not following the rules) of the act: Treason.

Enactment Date: When will the law go into effect?  As soon as it is passed in the House and Senate or ratified by 38 states as per Article 5 of the United States Constitution.