Money may be able to buy 1 Congressman

Congress can't buy the whole 7th District

This is a GAME changing idea that will bring "WE THE PEOPLE" back as PRIORITY!  Protect the future for your children!

Hot Button Issues


Do I support PRESIDENT Donald Trump?

I DO support our POTUS Donald Trump 

2nd Amendment

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!  I would love to have a Sherman Tank!  I will never be able to afford one but we can all dream!  (Wife also says no!)


We owe Veterans our lives and the best healthcare!  I see a Veteran, I thank a Veteran!  


Nobody likes taxes!  Some taxes are necessary however we are being taxed to death!  It is time we take the checkbook away from the "purchased" puppets!


If you read the Blog I am for LEGAL immigration.   


I do not believe in abortion, I also believe if you can't feed em' don't breed em'!

American flag register to vote

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one voice one vote true democracy

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I am A Republican

Serving The Community

Eric Harleman has been in the Ozarks region since 1994.  He has lived in Stone, Taney, Greene & Christian county over the last 25 years.  He currently owns and operates a small garage door business in Sparta, MO. 

United By A Common Goal

Eric Harleman knows the disappointment we all see in our current Congress. That's why he's running in this election with an idea that has never been offered before!  For more information follow us on social media!

Get Involved

Eric Harleman can't win this race without your help.  Flyers, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goal of a "TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT" together.  Let's show them  "They can't buy the whole 7th District!" Send someone to Congress who WANTS to speak on your behalf! Use your vote this election to tell them you've had enough.

Proud to be an American